Thursday, November 12, 2009

24 hours to Cali: David Leventi and Ed Ruscha

Well, despite the fact that tomorrow I'm headed to Northern California instead of Southern California and the difference is apparently like apples and oranges," (though I hate that simile because apples and oranges are really quite similar, both being FRUIT) I figured I had to dedicate another post to "The Golden State" in anxious anticipation of my trip.

Thus, I thought I'd give a shout out to my wonderful husband, David Leventi**, who is shooting in Europe but remains a dedicated reader of this blog – even from afar.  (Yep, folks, it's official – I've gone "global.")

Below is a shot he took when he came with me for my last trip to the LA area.  I've paired it up with a painting by Ed Ruscha of the same scene, since one of Ruscha's paintings set a new auction record at Bonhams & Butterfields just last week ($170,000!):

LA Times:  "Edward Ruscha Print Sets New Auction Record"

**If you feel moved to do so after seeing the teaser image below, please feel free to visit David's work at to help him on his way to breaking Ed Ruscha's record (and, indirectly, supporting your favorite photo blog)...  ;)

(c) David Leventi.

(c) Ed Ruscha

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