Monday, March 15, 2010


Haven't been the most diligent at posting recently, but I did want to try and catch up with a few recent items that have caught my eye.

First off, a link to the new SW!PE magazine, a new art and literary magazine. What is particularly interesting about this magazine is the shared backgrounds of its contributors and editors, all of whom are guards at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City (read NY Times article here).

Cover of Sw!pe Magazine.  Pen and ink by Jack Laughner.

Perhaps the most prestigious honor one can experience as an artist is to "get into The Met."  (I remember joking with my husband some years ago about a penthouse apartment for sale across the street from the museum...mentioning that at least we'd be "across the street?")

These guards have been IN The Met for years, watching and protecting some of our most treasured cultural works.  Now, they finally get a chance to have some of their own work in the limelight through the publication of this journal.

Additionally, their work is on view Saturday, March 20th through Sunday, April 4th at 25CPW gallery.

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