Monday, April 19, 2010

AuthentiCity / illy issimo / SVA installation photos

Well, in the illy issimo/SVA "Authenticity" project, I lost out in the final five.  But, I made it to the final 20 for the exhibition in Milan.  The space was on the second floor of an exhibition space on Via Tortona - the heart of Salone di Mobile in SW Milan.  Installation photographs below.
Installation photographs by Adam Bell.

And, as a consolation prize, I did get listed on a cool Italian blog?
All photographs by Sarina Finkelstein.

Translation here, for non-Italian speakers...  :)
BIO:  Sarina Finkelstein (b. Columbia, MO) received her BFA and MFA in Photography from Washington University in St. Louis and SVA, respectively. Her work has been featured in, GOOD, Esquire (NL) and Time Out NY. She is most attracted to photographing non-celebrities and the spaces they inhabit.


On Stage in Central Park is a series of portraits of Central Park artists and buskers. It highlights the free-spirited characters that break social barriers and invite people to share a show and a laugh with a complete stranger. Central Park has become a haven for performers, many of whom see it as a place where they can live out their fantasies, exhibiting their individual talents and art forms. They transform benches, museum steps, curbs, tree stumps and lawns into “stages.” This collection documents the beat and pulse of the city through the microcosm of Central Park, illustrating its diversity, moments of silence as well as those of bustling energy. The dynamic and vibrant entertainers in the photographs are highlighted in the act of performing, often seducing crowds into participating, and they are also featured in solitary and intimate pictures of them practicing and waiting for passersby, both of which encompass this unique public spectacle.

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