Monday, April 26, 2010

Photo Formula

In college, I used to discuss writing a thesis with a fellow student that would lay out the geometry involved in the production/composition of "The Perfect Photograph."  He would ask me to speak at length about why one photograph "worked" visually, while another just ended up being "a hot mess."  We thought we could develop some sort of master formula based on historical photographs which have been nearly-universally agreed upon as being "well-composed."

Of course, then we found out that something like that pretty much already existed, using the sacred geometry relating to the structure of nature.  There were laws already in place based on The Golden Mean, The Law of Thirds, Diagonals, Triangles, Arcs and S-curves.  There went our Nobel Prize–winning idea.

This morning, Mrs. Deane posted an entry, "Becher Typology Meets Logo Design," in which a "generative logo"was created through scanning and manipulating a series of Becher photos, showing "hidden visual forces in the photographic work."
Pretty interesting idea to pare down your art to junior high school geometry.

Sign up here to be a guinea pig, and get a generative logo for the geometry governing your work/website.

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