Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Dude, Where's My Photo?"

Let me tell you about the power I have.  With one swift motion, I can drag your image to my desktop.  And, though you thought you outsmarted me by making your website with Flash, I'm too good for that too.  I can just combine a few simple keys on my keyboard (COMMAND+SHIFT+4) and grab a screenshot of your site.  Then, I can just throw them up on my site and write what I want about you until my fingers fall off.

Feeling a bit violated yet?

Or, perhaps, you are one of those types (you know who you are!) who Googles themselves constantly or has Google alerts coming to your phone to let you know every single blog utterance of your name and photos, because it just gives you that giddy warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Well, try this on for size:  TinEye.

As described by MacWorld:
Another unique way to work with images online is with TinEye, a sort-of reverse search engine. Instead of looking for images based on words, you start by uploading a specific image or URL for an image, and TinEye will look for other occurrences of that picture on the Internet. TinEye uses image recognition technology that finds your exact image—and slightly altered versions of it—but not similar images. It's a great tool for photographers who want to know if someone is using their work without permission, or for designers who want to use an image they found online, but need to track down the original owner. It's also handy for finding high-resolution versions of a small image.
Now, you can upload your images to TinEye, and it's like installing a GPS-tracking system on each and every one.  Once your little pretties leave the nest, you know exactly where they're flying.

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