Friday, December 16, 2011

Fluter Winter 2011-2012, Issue #41, Thema: Geld

One of the photographs from my project "The New 49ers" was just included in Fluter magazine in Germany, in their Winter 2011-2012 "Money" issue.  I wasn't previously familiar with Fluter, but the archive has some really relevantly-themed issues.  In addition, the photographs are very provocative and well-selected.  It's a publication that makes me wish I could read German fluently!  Many thanks to Photo Editor Saskia Otto for the inclusion.

Photograph by Sarina Finkelstein

Fluter is a monothematic magazine and comes out four times a year. It is published by the "German Federal Agency for Civic Education" and is aimed at 16-22 year olds, the so-called first-time voters interested in society´s matters like politics and culture.

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