Friday, October 16, 2009

A blogger should have an identity.

The general school of thought about reading blogs is that you should know something about the source and their motivation for writing.  This gives you the choice to continue following their rants, or to click the lovely "back" button and finish up that "What type of political dictator-movie-star-sex god are you?" quiz on Facebook.

It also prevents situations like I often experience in New York subways, when absolute strangers sit down next to me and begin a two or three subway-line tale of their relationship/job/travel woes ("Oh? You are transferring to the 6 train too?  Great, we can walk together..."), whereby I become their personal MTA therapist for an hour.

Here, I only want willing participants with constructive feedback.  (I wouldn't take a midnight joyride out to your house and spraypaint or TP your front lawn, so don't come here just to bash the site.)

Thus, this is my moment of "full disclosure," when I lay my cards on the table and you choose to go forward or back:

You should consider this blog as being written by someone with multiple personality disorder.

I identify myself as a photographer, but I also have experience as a Photo Editor and have produced national and international shoots ranging in genres from food and still life to fashion, travel and celebrity. 

My own photography is a mix of portraiture and social documentary.  I like meeting interesting people with interesting stories, and at the end of the day, I like to have my own. 

That being said, this blog will be just as schizophrenic as I feel my "never-say-'no'-to-any-opportunity" life has become.  There will be advice for photographers, interesting tidbits, postings of emerging photographers, rants about problems I face in my own work, and yeah, some shameless self-promotion too.

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